Starting to Forget

Starting to Forget (1)

I’m starting to forget
What made you laugh
Why you smiled that way
Your scrunched up faces
Your presence here
I’m starting to forget
When you first smiled back
How nervous I was to ask
Thoughts you secretly shared
How you tried not to cry
Why you went driving
That day
I’m starting to forget
How much I needed you
The light you brought everywhere
How much I miss you
I’m starting to forget
That you’re gone
I’m starting to forget
That it wasn’t always
This way


Return to Me

Return to me
Don’t shy away
Stand by my side
Return to my dreams
Sway in my thoughts
Adorn my smiles
Return to my words
Wrap me in metaphors
Swaddle me in rhyme
Return to our seasons
Spring out as rosebuds
Sprinkle me in rain
Wash away my desert
Bring light back
Return to my life
Desire my presence
Drink in my moods
Drift off in whispers
As we wonder off
Hand in hand

Couldn’t Stop

Couldn't Stop

She couldn’t stop
Trying to change
Couldn’t stop
Constantly adapting
Couldn’t stop
Hiding herself
Couldn’t stop
Forgetting who she was
She couldn’t notice
He cared for her
Couldn’t see
He just wanted her
Couldn’t just be
He only saw her
She stopped trying
He waited for her
She stopped pretending
He loved her so deeply
She couldn’t see herself
Without him

Before the Knowns

Before the Knowns

Before the knowns

Before reaching our beyond

Before catching hold

Before time unwound in shadowy ribbons

Where emotional dreams

Obscured true Reality

Before our selfishness

Exploded before us

As Shattered Glass

We bowed to neglect

Hungover on grievances

Shards of forgotten memories

Now only derision

Mockery of a past

Unrewindable and Forgotten



The Possibility

The Possibility

Simply declaring

Not understanding

One’s sorrow or sadness

Misery in depression

Outsiders question

Assume power of suggestion

But living in woe

Grief in tow

Zero ability to let go

Takes staggering time

Patience sublime

Getting help

With what’s amiss

Before starting to

Believe again, in the possibility

Of bliss