I Thought You Already Knew


I realized I hurt you too late.
The statements wandered internally.
They had merit, they were right.
They developed into thoughts left unsaid
but murmurs on the edge of my tongue.
Once spewed forth, brought eternal regret.
I thought you already knew what I said as truth.
Only to find that you blindly trusted my
feelings were exactly as yours.
Image Credit: thegreatist.com

He Lost His Way



She ran to him.
He saw her coming.
She opened her arms to him.
He stood there.
She laughed at his humor.
He smiled sometimes.
She awoke to an empty house.
He lost his way.
She started making friends.
He started drinking.
She found new hobbies.
He forgot he had hobbies.
She met someone else.
He met his bottom.
She started a new life.
He lost his.
Image Credit: newlovetimes.com