Brother Where Art Thou?

Brother Where Art Thou_

I knew a boy, flawless, talented, cocky.
I  knew a boy, an artisan, musician.
One day, ran off to war to fight for a cause.
I know a man, broken, scared, darting eyes.
I know a man, haunting memories too layered to escape.
He fought for me, though alive gave too much.
I mourn a man I used to know.
I mourn for one, fighting for us, lost himself.
For our freedom.
In remembrance of Veterans Day, and for all of you who have lost or know someone who came home from war not the same person they were before they left.
I wrote this today for my brother, he’s home and has been for many many years.  Though PTSD and multiple other diagnoses rendered do not help undo the hurt and loss of one we knew before he left versus the one who came home.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you.

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