Veterans Day 2018


To my brother,
I wanted to give you a much needed Thank You on this special day. I get up everyday in this amazing country – I’m warm, the fridge is full. Every week I take my family to church unhindered by local authorities.
I drive my vehicle on safe roads, I elect representatives and think sometimes that “my rights” are getting hindered. But I do all these things without thinking. I do them because I am free.
I can do all of these things because you went out and fought for me. You dug your bed at night, sleeping in dust storms that didn’t allow you to see your hand in front of your face. You were so sick you didn’t stop vomiting for days.
You walked more dusty miles and provided safety for more people then I will ever dream to meet in a single lifetime. Minefields, Artillery, Grenades, you fought it all. I remember when President Bush announced the incursion and at that very instant you were driving your Humvee over enemy lines.
You were fighting for me while I sat in my warm living room.
You did it all for this country – You did it for me, your family, my family, and millions of people that STILL live in their warm homes. They all can worship our Jesus in their own freedom. You gave your self and your safety for ours.
Thank Thank THANK YOU for what you did! I love you so much. I wish I could say this a better way – I wish we all could. These few words pale to your sacrifice, I just hope they convey how grateful I am for you. How much it means to me every day that I still have my freedom.
I pray you have a fabulous day. I am so thankful you are here to join in the celebration of this great land. This land that you a veteran had a huge hand in persisting. I only hope we ALL NEVER FORGET what you fought for, and for those who you knew who never made it home.
Your Brother, My Family, Our Families, and the Entire Nation

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