The Possibility

The Possibility

Simply declaring

Not understanding

One’s sorrow or sadness

Misery in depression

Outsiders question

Assume power of suggestion

But living in woe

Grief in tow

Zero ability to let go

Takes staggering time

Patience sublime

Getting help

With what’s amiss

Before starting to

Believe again, in the possibility

Of bliss






She Stood

She Stood (1)

She stood in the shadows
And remembered the day
Stood at the corner
And heard all they say
Stood in her bedroom
And started to sway
Stood in the market
Thinking someone should pay
Stood in her dreams
Cries here to stay
Stood at a precipice
Agony never at bay
Stood alone
Memories fresh as that day
The day her parents we’re gone
No longer available
Not able ever
To come and play