She Walked Away

She Walked Away

She rose above
Time and again
Barely catching her breath
Lost in his sin
Though lust kept control
Feelings within
She never forgave him
Truth cursed her whim
He had a wife
No jewelry or care
She had to let go
Heart needed to slow
So hurting the lies
Resistant to her tries
She willed her heart
Understood her part
Forced mind
Pulled the lever
She silently walked
Away forever

8 thoughts on “She Walked Away

    1. Thanks Piyali, I love that you continue to return and enjoy reading them! I had to play around with this one for a bit, but I was happy with the flow and feel in the end. I imagined the first lines as if she didn’t realize what happened at first until she had a few minutes to ‘come up from under the water’ breathe.

      1. I will keep coming back for more. You have a gift, Drew. You understand how a woman’s mind works and you explain that through your words beautifully.

      2. I do try, and it means all the more coming from a woman. I’ve been trying to hone it more, but your words are very encouraging that I’m not coming across like a fake.

      3. Absolutely not! Beaing a woman I can vouch for that! You do have a very clear understanding of the workings of a woman’s mind. I loved the last poem you posted on Instagram. The way you decribed the despair of a woman who saw her man gradually drfiting away from her was so very apt!

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