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Asking for a friend

Hi All!

I’ve been writing for a while now, and received a request recently to read my poetry as well. As someone who simply writes poetry I was slightly surprised by the request.  I ended up creating a survey on my Twitter account asking the same thing.

Do any of you read and record your poetry?  Is this a thing that your readers ( or others ) enjoy? I would be interested in hearing either way.

Thank you so much for all your fabulous feedback and comments!


In the End

In the End

In the end
No more disputes
Pettiness ignored
Arguments mute
In the end
Only respect
Lived in peace
Ended the suit
In the end
Money didn’t matter
Silence ignored
On the same route
In the end
Jealousy disregarded
History smudged
No reboot
In the end
One died with less
The other more
Lives wasted in silence
Though no one remembered
All or whatever for
© 2019 Drew B All Rights Reserved