December 11th


I walk life with you.
You’re my light, my sunshine.
You provide a smile for my day
and warmth for my night.
You still like me,
You even care for me.
You, who said ‘yes’.
Yes to marriage.
Yes to children.
Yes to every day of living with me.
The flawed me, who gets ornery
The unhappy me who isn’t a joy.
The chatty me, who, well, you know.
You could have thrown me away
and made another life.
You could have said ’no’ and found another.
You could have done so may things,
you didn’t.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I am so thankful for you!
I would be honored, feel so thankful,
If you could do one thing for me.
One more request I have to ask of you.
It isn’t simple, but you’re still here.
Here goes.
Will you stay with me for another twenty years?

Not a Mistake

Not a Mistake (1)

Not a Mistake
To tell you how I felt.
To dream of you at night.
To think of you all the time..
To dance with you in the dark.
To eat with you in the day.
To drink with you in the afternoon.
To smile at you in my sleep.
To talk to you when I’m awake.
To wish for you when you’re gone.
To remember you when I’m alone.
To have you in my life even for the briefest of times.
To have loved you as I did.

Restart Time

He slid from the antique chair.
Down on his weakened knees.
Ornate box appearing.
Pleading eyes now holding onto mine.
Boisterous room now silent.
Thoughts flying through my heart.
His mouth forms the question.
Subtle quivering, words slowly formed.
My heart responds quickly and emotions well up.
Response growing clear as time waits to start.