Why Couldn’t He See Them?

Why Couldn't He See Them_ (1)

She wished he could see her.
Not the clingy version, or the ‘too needy.’
The one who could see him.
Who appreciated his loud personality.
Who understood his tendency to assume the worst in people.
Why couldn’t he see her quiet as the antidote to his loud?
Or her needy as the solution to his independence?
She wished he could see them
as their solution.

The Cancer


She remembered their love as though a long lost dream.
A surreal fantasy now gone.
He remembered their love as though a good wine.
Opened, slowly consumed,  left to the elements. Ruined.
She remembered their child, small, bright blue eyes. Sick.
He remembered them, a family. Perfect together. Later loss.
Time continued. Lives single. Faltered.
She remembered that chance encounter, a surprise, his rapturous eyes on her.
He remembered her smell, a flitter of life, radiant lively eyes on him.
They drank the wine of each others’ love.
Two flowers blooming till dawn.
Awakened to a morning of old weights.
Heavy with pain, Distant memories flooding their minds.
Loss so great, again sickened their love.
Memories too dark distort the distant light.
She remembered his heavy eyes as she turned away from his kiss.
He remembered her pained look as he walked out the door.
Once joined, One loss, Forever Separated.
Image Credit: sarahscoop.com