Enough of your excuses.
Enough of your frustrations.
Enough of your questions.
Enough of your quiet stares.
Enough of your ignorance.
Enough of your caring.
Enough of all of it.
She put down her thoughts.
Cold words, wrapped heavily in emotion.
Losing him was almost Enough to stop.
But. She continued.
Continued to write about why.
Why she wasn’t Enough for him.

December 11th


I walk life with you.
You’re my light, my sunshine.
You provide a smile for my day
and warmth for my night.
You still like me,
You even care for me.
You, who said ‘yes’.
Yes to marriage.
Yes to children.
Yes to every day of living with me.
The flawed me, who gets ornery
The unhappy me who isn’t a joy.
The chatty me, who, well, you know.
You could have thrown me away
and made another life.
You could have said ’no’ and found another.
You could have done so may things,
you didn’t.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I am so thankful for you!
I would be honored, feel so thankful,
If you could do one thing for me.
One more request I have to ask of you.
It isn’t simple, but you’re still here.
Here goes.
Will you stay with me for another twenty years?

You Can’t

You Can't

You can’t remember my love
You can’t accept my gratitude
You can’t resolve my conflict
You can’t remove my pain
You can’t return my loss
You can’t understand my mistake
You can’t fix what I said
You can’t undo my decision
You can’t forgive what I did
But you tried, and I’m asking if
You can’t love me again


Unexpected (2)


Never was his plan, it continued.

Never was her sentence, it was crumbling.

Never did he need to eat here.

Never did she eat this early.

Never did he look up and notice someone.

Never had she been so aware of someone noticing her.

Never had he witnessed eyes so enticing.

Never had she been lost in such a smile.

Never had he expected being in love.

Never had she imagined someone just loving her.

Never had either been prepared.

Never had either looked back.



If Only

If Only

If I would have stopped to see
    what she was thinking.
If I would have cared for
    what she was seeing.
If I would have jumped
    to meet her where she stood.
If I would have loved her
    for what she found lacking in me.
If I would have noticed
    what she noticed in me.
If I had paid attention to anything.
It would have mattered to her
    and not ruined me.