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This morning
Awoke to not your tossing
Stood to not help you dress
Walked to not pour your coffee
Started to not fuss about the mess
Read to not get you the paper
Rinsed to not dry your dish
Moved to not adjust your seat
Jumped to not relieve another wish
Laid to not help lift you to bed
Put away to not sit and cradle your head
Sang to not help you to sleep
Lie here to not check your heart beat
Some day
I’ll believe it was your time
I’ll know we peaked the long climb
But each step today broke me so
I loved you today the same
As when we met that lifetime ago
© 2019 Drew B All Rights Reserved

Where Were You?


Where were you?
When she needed that hug
Where were you?
When she waited all night
Where were you?
When you said you’d be there
Where were you?
When she showed up unannounced
Where were you?
When she found that blond curl
Where were you?
Where are you?
Because she is here
Where are you?
As she slowly start to cry
Where are you?
As she stops cold to stare
Who are you?
To have cared so little
Who are you?
Who threw away her heart
Who are you?
Hiding your secrets In her things
Who are you?
Who am I?
To have known so long
Who am I?
Desperately wishing I didn’t know
Who am I?
Still wishing
Everything would be fine
Not knowing
Who you are
What you’re doing
To the only one
I’ve ever truly loved