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Cold ran through feeble forms.
They held together, though warmth less certain.
Love’s radiance, deferred ebbing life.
Winter’s breath weaving  around.
Mingling aside tremoring emotion.
As Decades passed, physical strengths faded.
Held together unearthly as souls gradually  unwound.
Winters breath’s last whisp released their final bound.

Could Not

Could Not

The words spoken could not be taken back.
The thoughts vocalized could not be reversed.
The long fade could not be slowed.
The last hope could not be fulfilled.
The tears could not be stopped.
The bye could not be stated.
The hug could not let go.
The kiss could not be withheld.
The love could not be quenched.
The binds that held could not be loosed.

Not a Mistake

Not a Mistake (1)

Not a Mistake
To tell you how I felt.
To dream of you at night.
To think of you all the time..
To dance with you in the dark.
To eat with you in the day.
To drink with you in the afternoon.
To smile at you in my sleep.
To talk to you when I’m awake.
To wish for you when you’re gone.
To remember you when I’m alone.
To have you in my life even for the briefest of times.
To have loved you as I do.