The beginning of something.
The slow cadence of sound escaping from
a cold instrument, fingers yet to warm.
Random notes transforming into beauty.
Chords wrapped around the air
caught by those tuned to become aware.
So subtle the change,
but for those fortunate enough to attune
will forever remember the magic they were part of,
and the sound,
that brought forth their unforgettable joy.

Restart Time

He slid from the antique chair.
Down on his weakened knees.
Ornate box appearing.
Pleading eyes now holding onto mine.
Boisterous room now silent.
Thoughts flying through my heart.
His mouth forms the question.
Subtle quivering, words slowly formed.
My heart responds quickly and emotions well up.
Response growing clear as time waits to start.

Why Couldn’t He See Them?

Why Couldn't He See Them_ (1)

She wished he could see her.
Not the clingy version, or the ‘too needy.’
The one who could see him.
Who appreciated his loud personality.
Who understood his tendency to assume the worst in people.
Why couldn’t he see her quiet as the antidote to his loud?
Or her needy as the solution to his independence?
She wished he could see them
as their solution.