She Stood

She Stood (1)

She stood in the shadows
And remembered the day
Stood at the corner
And heard all they say
Stood in her bedroom
And started to sway
Stood in the market
Thinking someone should pay
Stood in her dreams
Cries here to stay
Stood at a precipice
Agony never at bay
Stood alone
Memories fresh as that day
The day her parents we’re gone
No longer available
Not able ever
To come and play



Enough of your excuses.
Enough of your frustrations.
Enough of your questions.
Enough of your quiet stares.
Enough of your ignorance.
Enough of your caring.
Enough of all of it.
She put down her thoughts.
Cold words, wrapped heavily in emotion.
Losing him was almost Enough to stop.
But. She continued.
Continued to write about why.
Why she wasn’t Enough for him.

You Can’t

You Can't

You can’t remember my love
You can’t accept my gratitude
You can’t resolve my conflict
You can’t remove my pain
You can’t return my loss
You can’t understand my mistake
You can’t fix what I said
You can’t undo my decision
You can’t forgive what I did
But you tried, and I’m asking if
You can’t love me again